Project Development

His project development skills in the Spanish design and construction environment were instrumental in the successful negotiation, proposal, approval and implementation of multi-million dollar construction, service and FF&E contracts.

Vice President Design & Construction, Marriott Ownership Resorts.

Many developers and investors will recognize the absolute benefits of contracting a complete Project Development service from Mark Lawson. This is a specialist "umbrella service" available to those investors or developers who do not have- and do not wish for- a technical team in their theatre of proposed development. In these specific cases, Mark Lawson will undertake to form a professional skills alliance and be the sole supplier of this specialist skills set. This will then embrace total coverage of every aspect of the project: Planning, Project Design, Financial Planning, Licensing, Project Management and Construction Management to successful delivery of the project, surpassing all expectations.

The varieties of professional services available from Mark Lawson are offered as individually bespoke assistance or as a whole package. Your best options and requirements will soon be identified at an early face-to-face consultation.

To learn more of the services available contact him today.

Whether you are planning a substantial commercial development or a private property construction or conversion, the multitude of benefits available to you from Mark Lawson professional services will ensure that you have the tangible results that you deserve.