Project Management

We have no doubt in recommending their services to any foreign or national investors or developers who want to ensure a problem-free development process and effective delivery of their project.

This professional service provides full management and key responsibility for taking a project from inception- or design- to key delivery- on time, under budget and according to the qualities agreed to. One of the best examples that illustrates this is contained in Mark´s CV.  When Marriott Vacation Club had purchased a 6Ha beachside plot in Marbella, Spain to develop their first project in Europe, they needed a proven professional who would represent a safe pair of hands in this field- and work tirelessly to guarantee the world famous Marriott quality standards in a completely new marketplace. This was diligently performed by Mark, whose first Marriott project was awarded prizes by ARDA (American Resort Development Association) for best architecture and quality of interior design (the project is still the European standard- 10 years later!) and was successfully delivered in 11 phases, all on time, and substantially under budget.

So, when preparatory stages are complete, the Mark Lawson Project Management service is available to you to ensure that every subsequent stage of the project development strategy evolves correctly. A single point of contact for all aspects of the development process will be available to the client and efficient, prompt reporting will take place and continue throughout the construction and delivery stages of your project.

Mark Lawson will source, negotiate with, recommend and appoint all necessary external services such as architects, surveyors, engineers, landscape architects, lawyers, builders, interior designers, and other reliable, reputable and experienced suppliers as required by the client and his project. The reputation and diligence of Mark Lawson will prevail to ensure that best pricing and working relationships will be achieved in all cases. This can deliver highly beneficial results for the client and his project, often resulting in bottom line credits.

Whether you are planning a substantial commercial development or a private property construction or conversion, the multitude of benefits available to you from Mark Lawson professional services will ensure that you have the tangible results that you deserve.