Project Monitoring

He has provided us with a thorough audit of this project that was falling behind schedule and going over budget. They have managed to take charge very quickly and control the whole process in accordance with our requirements. It is a pleasure for me to recommend his services for any project.

To ensure that a project achieves the highest of expectations- and is likely to meet its many targets- it should be subject to continuous scrutiny, even if there is an existing project team in place. Project Monitoring services allow for an on-site team to undertake the development process whilst overall strategies, targets and procedures are monitored, thus negating any possible deviation from the original track. In the event that there should be the merest possibility of a deviation or problem arising, you will be the first to know via our early warning. Should you be in the unenviable position of experiencing problems with your project, the available strategies and established procedures available can quickly bring back on track a project that is veering away from its planned parameters.

The advantages of the effective project monitoring service are that the Client benefits from an additional layer of experience and knowledge in varied development strategies that are available at all times, in all eventualities.

  • Individual advice on procedures
  • Professional overview of methodologies used
  • Evaluation of alternatives available
  • Pro-activity available in offering solutions to problems
  • A "safe pair of eyes" watching over your investment and advising you accordingly.

This service is refined and adapted as needed to the requirements of the project and the client and offers a guarantee that the project is always on the right track to success.

Whether you are planning a substantial commercial development or a private property construction or conversion, the multitude of benefits available to you from Mark Lawson professional services will ensure that you have the tangible results that you deserve.