Strategic Analysis and Advice

Our experience with Mark has been much valued and made us aware how vital it was to have a team of professionals to ensure our goals were met while developing our family home

Consider that you have identified a potential investment but cannot get all the reliable information that you require before proceeding with confidence. Could it be that the language, culture and development procedures in an unfamiliar environment seem to multiply the questions that require dependable answers as opposed to establishing firm facts to take you to the next level? Mark Lawson will add value to your challenges by providing a validation of what is available,- what the potentials are and the pitfalls to be avoided, so that you can count on an extra opinion from a valued expert in the field.

By the same token, consider that you have to hand certain information, but wish to be totally assured that it has been reviewed and approved (or otherwise!) to provide your investors or stakeholders with the necessary guarantees to proceed, without unnecessary delays that may impact the viability of the opportunity at hand.

Similarly, you may have arrived at the point where, after significant effort, you are prepared to launch construction, but are unsure how best to use the market and it´s pricing to your advantage- how does one determine that the bids received equate to the best quality and service, and that everything is included, without exposing your project to risk of additional costs and delays?

What exit routes are available to you if the market takes a downturn, and you have to deliver fewer units over a longer period of time? How would you contain your costs and not be subjected to punitive indemnities? Conversely, if the construction process- for whatever reason- extended beyond the contracted dates with your customers, what can you do to minimise the consequences?

In all of these cases- and many more, Mark Lawson has honed his professional experience. With the added dimension of his skills and experience you can be assured that whatever the conditions of the assignment, wherever the project is located and whenever you need specialist advice, you have a safe pair of eyes and hands at your side, assisting you and your project to successful conclusion.

Naturally, absolute discretion and professionalism go hand in hand, and Mark Lawson benefits from numerous contacts in the construction and development industries, gained over various decades in the business. Rigorous policies and procedures are part of the package, and followed religiously, as befits a professional who is a Fellow of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors, in additional to membership of CIOB, APM and a number of others, as an additional seal of guarantee to you that you are dealing with an experienced and ethical professional in the property development field.


Whether you are planning a substantial commercial development or a private property construction or conversion, the multitude of benefits available to you from Mark Lawson professional services will ensure that you have the tangible results that you deserve.