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Here is a quick check list to the many aspects you will need to cover when considering your project is on the right tracks.

If you can´t tick at least 90% of these activities as being under your control, your project is not on the right tracks and you need specialist assistance!

A. Plot Issues

  1. Is it Urban and has utility supplies?
  2. Any development or design restrictions identified?
  3. Any existing rights of way or easements?
  4. All pertinent licences in hand?
  5. Any existing design proposal analysed for cost and time?
  6. Any potential profit calculated?

/ 6

B. Ramp-up Activities

  1. Technical team identified under thorough professional criteria?
  2. Service contracts negotiated, signed and activated?
  3. Licences applied for?
  4. Pre-finance status activated and requested?
  5. Design study instigated to ascertain design and construction parameters and establish if they comply with established objectives?
  6. All permissible construction volume exploited in the design proposal?
  7. Preliminary cost estimate meets with expectation?
  8. Development strategy agreed?
  9. Identified capable suppliers and subcontractors?
  10. Mortgage/ development finance firmly in place?

/ 10


C. Technical team management

  1. Defined and assigned key responsibilities and agreed costs?
  2. Service contracts signed and activities commenced?

/ 2

D. Design and Construction Documentation

  1. Detailed Planning Schedule agreed and implemented?
  2. Development audits of the Basic Project, Execution Project and other tendering documentation?
  3. Identified omission and/or lack of provisions in the drawings and technical specifications, and recommended corrective action?
  4. Performed In-depth analysis of the design development process to ensure accurate tendering and licensing documentation?
  5. Determined Value Engineering Opportunities to limit waste, errors or omissions? - this minimises owner's exposure to substantial 'change orders' and escalating costs and time frames.
  6. Detailed specification list agreed?
  7. Basic Project costed? Within Budget?
  8. Building Licence Approved?
  9. Execution Project audited for errors and omissions?
  10. Execution Project costed? Within budget? If not within limits, revisions proposed?
  11. Are ALL components of the project included in the development documentation?

/ 11

E. Planning Management and Bidding of the Project

  1. Developed and updated capital expenditure requirements?
  2. Planned to performed frequent review of the Forecasted Expenditure at regular intervals?
  3. Developed integrated milestone project schedules?
  4. Established project deliverables with consultants, contractors, design and construction functional and support personnel, to ensure that these deliverables are achieved. Done?
  5. Provided relevant development, design and construction liaison between the project team, the client, sales and marketing team, operations, Town Hall, banks and outside consultants?
  6. Implemented system of timely communication of current status, potential problems?
  7. Co-ordinated planning, permitting and external regulatory activities and submittals required for project permitting and execution?
  8. Implemented a process to develop contract strategies for design and construction that properly balances the owners´ objectives, schedule, cost and risk avoidance?
  9. Process defined and implemented to control the construction activities, including tender process, evaluation of bids, negotiation of contracts, construction management controls, analyses of planning and resources controls, projected costs and value engineering proposals?
  10. Is anyone ensuring the construction continues on track as per agreement?
  11. Is anyone checking whether there are sufficient resources on site to comply with overall objectives?
  12. Anyone checking the technical team´s obligations and attendance on site?
  13. Is anyone independent empowered by the Client to review, recommend or reject change orders and invoices?
  14. Is an expert working to develop contract bid documents, analyse and evaluate submitted bids and make recommendations?
  15. Is there someone in place who visits the project site periodically during construction to provide oversight direction, input, approvals and support to the on-site construction management teams?
  16. Is there a professional available to chair periodic "Board of Control" technical and business objective meetings with key members of the Project Team to ensure project management strategy is adhered to?
  17. Is there anyone working for the client who is specifically responsible for programming the next phase of suppliers and fit-out agents, once the constructor has finished?

/ 17

F. Hand-Over Process

  1. Is anyone specifically charged with responsibility to oversee the entire construction process to ensure outstanding quality of finishes is obtained according to the project documentation issued by the Client?
  2. Anyone responsible to co-ordinate hand-over process, perform extensive snagging process, handle final works certificates and assist in the application for first occupancy licences?
  3. Have you ensured that the realities of the construction process are retro-included in the project documentation? As-Built plans?
  4. Any provision made to co-ordinate and assist in the utility connection process and wind-down development process by extensive hand-over of files and licences?
  5. Stock of spare materials for maintenance stored?
  6. Knowledgeable negotiation of final accounts?

/ 6


G.    Value Engineering- Is there an expert on hand who:


  1. Can provide In-depth review and analysis of project documentation to ensure cost-effectiveness of design?
  2. Suggest the contracting out of materials where substantial savings can be obtained for the Client?

/ 2



Total= / 54


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